CNC Turning


To provide the ultimate in utility, flexibility, and to meet our high productivity requirements, we feature high performance lathe/turning centers. These machines offer extreme rigidity, exceptional thermal stability, and are highly accurate.

CNC Lathe vs Manual Lathe

Consistency & Accuracy

When making multiple copies of the same part, it is very difficult, and time consuming, to produce them using a manual lathe. There are jobs where the "handmade" touch adds something special to a piece; however, when exact duplicates of a part are required, you should only rely on CNC production. There is no safe alternative.

Our CNC Lathe will cut to your precise specifications for each piece in your production run, guaranteeing results you can count on.

Production Costs

Using a CNC Lathe reduces overall production costs by eliminating most of the waste created when trying to turn a part by hand. By using a CNC Lathe, we can be more competitive in the marketplace, as we will save significantly on raw material costs and man-hours.

Lead Time & Delivery

By automating a substantial portion of the production process, we can offer a shorter lead time and faster delivery to our customers.



  • Swing Diameter
    • Over Front Apron: 30"
    • Over Cross Slide: 14.5"
  • Capacities
    • Chuck Size: 10.0"
    • Maximum Bar Capacity: 3.0"
    • Between Centers: 39.0"
    • Maximum Cutting Diameter: 17.0"
    • Maximum Cutting Length: 34.0"
  • Spindle
    • Maximum Speed: 3400 rpm
    • Torque: 300 ft-lb @ 700 rpm
    • Max Power Rating: 30 hp
    • Spindle Nose: A2-6
    • Spindle Bore: 3.50"
    • Draw Tube Bore: 3.03"
  • Travel & Feedrates
    • X Axis: 11.30"
    • Z Axis: 34.00"
    • X-Axis Max Thrust: 3400 lb
    • Z-Axis Max Thrust: 5400 lb
    • Rapids on X: 710 in/min
  • Turret
    • Number of Tools: 12
    • OD vs ID Tools: Any combination
    • Tool Size (OD turning): 1.0"
    • Boring Bar Rear Clearance (from turret face): 4.50"
    • Index Time (one tool): 1 sec
  • Accuracy
    • Positioning: 0.0002"
    • Repeatability: 0.0001"